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IVG 3000 Puffs Disposable Vape



Ships from Canada

Single Device only available in retail price.


  • The IVG 3000 is the world’s first disposable with a cutting-edge hybrid airflow coil technology that delivers the great taste of a mesh coil and longevity of a cotton coil,
  • Delivering 3000 puffs with an 8ml award-winning e-liquid tank
  • Long-lasting 1250mAh battery to support a juicy vaping experience from the first till the last draw.
  • 6 Displays In One Pack.


  • CHILLED BLUE RAZZ: Mouth-watering fresh blueberries and raspberries treat, with a subtle slush effect.
  • MANGO LYCHEE: Sweet ripe mango combined with juicy fresh lychee delivering a sweet intake.
  • CHILLED BERRY LEMON: A cool combination of vibrant berries mixed with a lemonade tang and a hint of ice on the exhale.
  • STRAWBERRY WATERMELON: Experience summer sensation, with the sweet taste of watermelon slices paired with handpicked strawberries.
  • ALOE GRAPE ICE: Subtle notes of aloe vera combined with fresh grape and a frosty ice taste.
  • PINK LEMON: Your favorite lemonade with hints of sweet grapefruit and a cool exhale.
  • PUNCH: A blend of mixed fruits and berries, a perfect combonation with amazing flavors with each exhale.
  • FIZZ ICE (CHILLED CLASSIC RED): Your favorite fizzy cola, served with ice for a cooling finish.
  • RUBY GUAVA ICE: A blend of a sweet pink guava flavor with a smooth menthol exhale.
  • PASSION FRUIT: Sweet, exotic passion fruits with a delicious, tart flavor finish.
  • POLAR MINT: Enjoy the electric taste of your favourite energy drink, combined with a cooling sensation on the exhale.
  • CLASSIC TOBACCO: A classic blend of tobacco combined with creamy vanilla and a custard-based exhale, a vintage classic.
  • CLASSIC MENTHOL: Enjoy the classic taste of mint with an icy touch!
  • BLUE RASPBERRY LEMON: Excite your taste-buds with tangy blue raspberries mixed with refreshing lemon.
  • LYCHEE BLACKCURRANT: Juicy fresh lychee mixed with sweet busts of blackcurrant.
  • PINEAPPLE PEACH MANGO: A fusion of fruity pineapples, peach and mango creating the perfect exotic taste
  • MANGO ICE: Give yourself a taste of the tropics with fresh mango juices and an icy finish.
  • KIWI PASSIONFRUIT GUAVA: A tropical blend of kiwi, passionfruit and guava
  • STRAWBERRY APPLE BANANA ICE: Fresh strawberry, apple and banana with an icy touch.
  • GRAPE POMEGRANATE ICE: Fresh grape and pomegranate flavour with a frosty ice taste.
  • CREAMY STRAWBERRY: Delicious creamy strawberry dessert flavour.
  • CHERRY RED CLASSIC: Get a blast from the past with our nostalgic cherry cola flavour.
  • STRAWBERRY PEACH LEMON: Sweet strawberry and ripe peach flavour finished off with mouth-watering lemon flavour.

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Weight 800 g
Dimensions 15 × 2 × 5 cm



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