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Juicy Jays

JUICY® JAY’S® papers are designed to enhance and mellow the natural flavors of legal smoking herbs. What’s the secret? A painstakingly slow process that not only flavors the paper but also sweetens it. This process has been a well-guarded secret for decades. Here you can find papers, wraps, incenses...

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Juicy Jay's SUPERFINE - 1 1/4


24 Packs per Box
32 Leaves per Pack

JUICY JAY Thai Incense 12PACKS (Display)


12 packs
1 package - 20 sticks 

Juicy Hemp Wraps -25 pouches Box (Display)


2 Sheets/Pack
25 Packs/Box

JUICY Hemp Wraps - Terp Enhanced - 25 pouches Box (Display)


Box/Display - 25 pouches

Each pouch has 2 wraps

Juicy Jay Rolling Tray Large



34 cm X 27.5cm x 3cm

13.5 inch x 10.8 inch x 1.2 inch

In stock

Juicy Jay Rolling Tray Mini



18 cm × 12.5 cm × 2.2 cm

7 inch x 5 inch x 1 inch

Juicy Jay Rolling Tray Small



27.5cm X 17.5cm x 2cm

10.8 inch x 6.8 inch x 1 inch

In stock

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