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STLTH BOLD, 35mg and 50mg substitute?

On July 24, 2021; by Luis Maschietto


The new STLTH BOLD is a mix of freebase and nic salt to create a similar throat hit like the 35+50mg/mL strengths offer. The real pod strength is 20mg/ml, but as we stated before, the freebase nicotine naturally produces more throat hit than Nic Salt; that said, mixing Nic Salt and Freebase at the right amount, you can have a hit throat similar to stronger Nic Salt Pod.

STLTH BOLD can replace 35mg or 50mg pods?

No… and yes. While it will not be a one-to-one substitute for your nicotine consumption, it can help you a lot during the transition to a lower nicotine strength because you can keep, at least, a similar feeling when you inhale.

Which one to buy?

We recommend buying STLTH BOLD 35 or 50 along with regular STLTH POD 20mg/ml, the same flavors you already like, and try to mix them in between puffs.

Where to buy?

All STLTH PODS will have 3 buying options, 20mg, Bold 35 and Bold 50. Just select the ones you want and add it to cart.

Go to STLTH PODS listing page.

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