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Three Kings Charcoal 33mm - Display Box of 10 Rolls


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Display of 10 Rolls

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Three Kings Charcoal 33mm Display Box

  • 10 x Rolls per Display
  • 10 x 33mm Charcoal Pieces per Display


Benefits of Quick Light Charcoal:

  • Pure and clean
  • Only the best ingredients
  • Generates a lot of heat
  • Lights quickly
  • Reliable
  • Smooth, long and even burn
  • Limited amount of ash
  • Odorless

Three Kings’ Quick Light charcoal is disc-shaped and available in two sizes, measuring 33 mm or 40 mm in diameter. The tabs can be used for smoking shisha or for burning incense and ignite much quicker (what’s in a name) than other charcoal tabs on the market. This makes them highly convenient and easy to use.

The tabs are made of 100% European beech wood and are odorless. They have a smooth, long and even burn, and produce very little ash – offering a consistent quality level.

Make sure to store the charcoal tabs in a dry place.

Holland-made Three Kings is the leading premium brand,
internationally recognized in the Shisha world for its consistent quality level and dependability.

Three Kings Charcoal is available as quick lighting charcoal briquettes.
Each briquette ignites easily and quickly by holding a simple, small-flamed lighter to it.
Due to the strict selection method and high quality demands of the raw material,
as well as the 50-year old, perfected production techniques our briquettes hold no flavour of their own,
and have a smooth, long and even burn.

Three Kings Charcoal has since it was first produced been used for burning bakhoor and incense,
but its main application for the last few decades has been shisha smoking.
Our charcoal is internationally recognized as the best quick lighting charcoal available on the market.
Apart from charcoal our product portfolio is made up of incense mixtures.
Our company uses a strict selection method of raw materials.
Combined with our perfected production techniques we supply our incense to a greatly satisfied customer base
all over the world

Three Kings’ charcoal have been produced in the Netherlands since 1936. Using only the best ingredients combined with the 80 years of experience in production techniques, our tabs light quickly, are odorless and have a smooth, long and even burn.

Charcoal is used to smoke shisha and to burn our incense, which is made of the best natural resins from Europe, Africa and the Far East and is used in many religious and spiritual ceremonies.

Three Kings Charcoal ignites quickly. This, meaning you don’t have to wait long before you can enjoy your shisha session. These coals are easily lit with a regular lighter and are fully ignited in a few seconds. Because of this reason Three Kings Charcoals are easy to use at home. After lighting, they give a smoking time of no less than 1 hour.

Three Kings Charcoal are known worldwide for their quality. We only use natural ingredients. Because of this our charcoal is odorless, tasteless and it does not interfere with flavor of your shisha.


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