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Box with 10 x 50g Packs

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1 Soex Box contains:

    • 10 Packs of 50g Soex Flavor Molasses

Relish Hookah smoking experience the healthy way. For non-tobacco smokers, Soex India proudly presents Soex Herbal Flavored Hookah Molasses. It contains 0% nicotine, 0% tar and above all 0% tobacco. Manufactured with non tobacco herbal material, it gives the same elegant feel of smoking a Hookah to satisfy even the health conscious. Aniseed - Every experienced smoker??s first pick, it has a rich flavor and aroma of aniseed to leave a mild trail of refreshing taste. Apple - A sweet flavor that becomes the apple of everyone's eye. It gives a smokey and full bodied taste of juicy fresh apples picked right from the orchid. Apricot - Mildly sweet with a rich aroma, apricot is a flavor that enjoys the following of young and old alike. It gives the Hookah smoke a smooth texture for the perfect feel. Banana - A sweet aromatic rush of banana with palatable tones of fruity taste, Banana gives a delightful smoking experience, every time!

Grape - Juicy and delectable, Grapes flavor gives a lasting fruity taste with trails of sweet and tart overtones on the palate.

Blackberry - Black berry gives a full and vivid journey of fruity overtones and in the end you get the hint! There is some mint!

Blueberry - And you thought blueberry cheese cake tastes the best. This flavor envelope the Hookah smoke with a fruity and juicy taste that makes you want to reconsider your call.

Bubble Gum - Bubbly and sweet, Hookah smoking is no more a serious affair with bubble gum flavor. It??s light hearted with the sweetness of strawberry and tanginess of grapes.

Chocolate - Set off to the finest cocoa fields and feel the real taste of chocolate as you take a puff of this divine flavor.

Cranberry - Juicy and delectable flavor, with trails of sweet and tangy overtones on the palate. if will give one an awesome aftertaste, for a memorable Hookah tryst.

Double Apple - A flavor that is a mix of sweet red and tangy green apples, this flavor doubles the pleasure of relishing apple in a way even the nature couldn??t design.

Green Mango - A tangy flavor that makes the tongue do tango, green mango gives a mild tart fruity flavor to make a memorable hookah experience.

Honey - Some things are naturally sweet! One such flavor is the Honey. Relish the hard work of little bees and the delicious flavor of nectar that they gathered with every puff of this flavor.

Kiwi - The subtle yet robust texture of this flavor is a delight by itself, and is incredible when combines with clear beverages.

Lime Lemon - In every puff, this flavor offers freshness and crispness in mouth that revitalizes the body with a magical touch of lemon.

Mango - Mango is a luscious flavor created for every mango lover. Try it out and let the sweetness sink it through taste buds with sweet fruity trails.

Mint - A mighty cool flavor that gives a soothing feel with every puff and a sweet aftertaste of mint as a sweet memory.

Mixed Fruit - Be prepared to capture the sweet-n-tangy essence of a combination of freshly plucked fruits as the mystery unfolds on your tongue. Mixed fruit is a hit amongst fruit lovers.

Orange - Orange delivers the promise it always made. Tangy, tart with a sweet aftertaste, it gives a tingly sensation with every puff.

Peach - As delicate as the fruit itself, peach gives a mild and delicate taste that appeals even to those who don??t have a sweet tooth.

Raspberry - A great flavor in desserts, raspberry gives a rich and flavorsome sweetness that gives even the desserts a run for their money!

Strawberry - A first choice for many, this flavor has a rich fruity taste of fresh strawberries with a sweet trail of mild sweet overtones.

Sweet Melon - The playful aromatic flavor that's got a great after taste. One that lingers on, even when you are through with it long back.

Tropical Explosion - A dreamy exotic blend that sets the senses ablaze with every puff. Arouses the feel of being in paradise.

Vanilla - Vanilla, the queen of flavors for complementing each one of them with its magical touch. Try mixing this flavor with other Soex flavors for your own surprising recipe.

Watermelon - A mouth watering flavor that splashes on the taste buds with a smooth, full and sweet fruity flavor of juicy watermelons.

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