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JUICY Hemp Wraps - Terp Enhanced - PINEAPPLE SHAKE - 25 pouches Box Display



Ships from Canada

Box/Display - 25 pouches

Each pouch has 2 wraps

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Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps are well known for their flavor packed wraps and papers.

These new Juicy Terp Enhanced Hemp Wraps are infused with terpenes that allow for an even more aromatic and tasty smoke session.

Terpenes are all natural compounds found in flowers, fruits, and herbs that give off their smell and allow for a more flavorful taste when ingested.

These wraps are crafted with terpenes to make sure that your next smoke session is complemented with the perfect amount of flavor!

Choose from a variety of new flavors.

Each pack contains two hemp wraps, and a full box comes with 25 wraps.

Check out all the flavor we have!

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 5 cm


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