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Itsa Flavour card "Mintchill" Box of 25's packs



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In stock

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You choose the flavor. You control the strength.

In the immortal words of polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, - Man, that-s cold. The mints are our most intense flavors, and Mint Chill is the granddaddy of them all. You-ll experience a strong cooling mint sensation every time.

Control the Strength

Remove the packaging, put the card into a closed container with whatever you want to flavor, then wait for the magic to happen.

Heads up: We don-t recommend leaving Mint Chill in your product for longer than 24 hours. The mint will get too strong.


What is Itsa?

Itsa is the revolutionary new way to infuse your dry food and dry beverage products with flavor and aroma.
Unlike some flavor products you may have tried, Itsa actually works.


How to use your Itsa Flavor?

  1. Drop a flavor card in your _______. ( You can use with whatever your want, just drop the card into the container )
  2. Let it sit for a while. (Give the card some time to infuse your product with flavor - the longer, the stronger.)
  3. Enjoy, that's it!

Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 5 cm

1 review for Itsa Flavour card "Mintchill" Box of 25's packs

  1. Pat Parent (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery. Good price.

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