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Gas Mask Bong - Art Pattern



Ships from Canada

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This Gas Mask Bong is universal size with adjustable head straps to fit comfortably around your head.

When smoking with this gas mask pipe there is no escaping the hit - it’s literally in your face to clear it all!

No wastes!

  • Comfortable Silicone mask
  • Adjustable head straps
  • 10 inches (25cm) Straight Tube Acrylic Bong with Skull Form.
  • Detachable Skull Bong that can be used alone.
  • Aluminum downstem
  • Reinforced metal connection between bong holder and mask
  • Individually packed
  • Mask has different art styles and cartoon patterns*

*Assorted colors and designs will be shipped

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 11 × 14 × 30 cm



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