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Air Freshener

Renew your environment air with some of our Air Fresheners. For removing that smoke smell, cooking or just to feel better with a well-scented place, here you can find incenses, scent sprays and odour removing devices.

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JUICY JAY Thai Incense 12PACKS (Display)


12 packs
1 package - 20 sticks 



19 in / 40 cm - long sticks.

5 sticks per package.

WILDBERRY Shorties (100 stick pack)


"Glass cup is not included"

Wildberry Incense 11" traditional size - 100 sticks (Bundle Package/Refills)


Glass jar is not included. Just incense sticks are included.

Wildberry Incense starter kit 11" - Traditional size 18 best-selling fragrances (Display)


ST18 fragrances: Blend 22™, Cherry Vanilla, Champa Flower™, Dragon's Blood, Egyptian Cotton™, Fizzy Pop™, Fresh Rain, King Cake™, Ocean Wind, Opium(type), Patchouli, Peace of Mind™, Raspberry Rose, Sandalwood, Sweet Pea(type), Tranquility, Vanilla and Wizard™.

WILDBERRY Biggies Burner - 12 Pieces


12 Pieces

Wood Incense Burner

In stock

In stock

In stock

Cheech and Chong Handy Incense Kit - 36 pieces Display


36 pieces display

6 of each fragrance.

In stock

In stock

In stock

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