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Eagle Torch Lighter

Eagle Torch is one of the leading Torch lighter companies in the U.S.A. They provide premium high quality Torch lighters to our great customers.

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Eagle Gun Torch Lighter Mossy Oak 4"


Unit or 15un Display Box

Eagle - Money Clip Torch Lighter (Slim) – Neon


Display (20 pieces)

4x Orange

4x Pink

4x Yellow

4x Green

4x Blue

Eagle Pocket Torch Lighter (Slim) – Mossy Oak


Display (20 pieces)

4 Designs

5 pieces of each Design

Eagle 8" X-Pen Torch With Extended Nozzle


Piece or Box Display

Eagle Pen Torch Mossy Oak


Piece or 12un Box Display

Eagle Pen Torch Neon


Piece or 12un Box Display

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